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My bestie nicknamed me SnakyPoet on her blog, and I liked it. (It began as
'the poet of the serpentine Northern Rivers' and became more and more abbreviated.)

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Why Blogging is Good for Poets

I just came across Personal blogging for writers: a manifesto, written in 2009 by Dave Bonta, who is fast becoming one of my favourite poets. His manifesto draws a number of conclusions I've also come to over the years, which have me prefer blogging my poems to seeking print publication (though I still submit to printed journals and anthologies when invited).

In practice Bonta takes things a lot further than I have done yet. For instance I'm only just flirting with the idea of some audio on my poetry blogs. Anyway, what he says makes a lot of sense to me — not only re the much larger readership for blogs than printed literary publications, but also how much more we can do with our poems online.

Have a read!