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Thursday, October 16, 2014

DHARMA THE CAT — Philosophy With Fur

By David Lourie and Ted Blackall

I've just reviewed this on Goodreads, and this is what I said:

I fell in love with Dharma the Cat at first sight, when I saw the paperback edition. I think any cat-lover must! You can tell that David Lourie, the author, is very well-acquainted with cats himself. He probably also has a good knowledge of Buddhism. Most of us these days have some idea of its precepts, but that’s not essential to enjoy this book. They’re made clear in context, and without spoiling the joke.

It’s a dry humour with a touch of philosophy and lots of ‘Aha!’ moments, as Dharma’s human, a novice monk, tries to instruct Dharma in enlightenment but manages to miss the point most of the time — in the most endearing way. Ted Blackall’s simple, expressive drawings help make the characters endearing and the jokes even funnier.

I’ve started giving family and friends copies because I love it so much that I want everyone else to enjoy it too. So far they all do, very much.

While the black-and-white paperback, available from Amazon, is a joy, you might prefer the ebook — a full colour expanded edition with even more cartoons. It’s available either in Kindle, or from its own award-winning website.

I gave it five stars.

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