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Saturday, October 12, 2019

A Republican Like Me Sticking Up For Royalty???

Not into fashion as the latest ‘look’, I like to create my own style (on limited budget). And I’m ideologically opposed to hereditary monarchy / aristocracy. But I admire the way some contemporary royals conduct themselves, and I’m interested in the Sussexes. 

What a lot of nasty press they get! One headline says they’re about to divorce, another that they are adopting 4 girls. All nonsense. 

They’re criticised for spending public money on their home, despite official advice the building was overdue for repair and public money only went to those aspects that make it national property. Personal touches were at their own expense. 

They’re criticised for not letting their new baby get flashlights in his eyes. A mark of good parenting, I think. 

They’re criticised for excessive security and privacy during and immediately after Meghan’s pregnancy. Does no-one recall what happened to Harry’s mother when he was only 11, and his revelations about the lasting trauma that has been? And here’s his wife getting racist and/or snobbish hate mail. Of course he’s exceedingly protective. 

She’s criticised for saying it would have seemed boastful to include her own face on the cover of her guest-edited issue of Vogue. A slur, ‘they’ say, on Princess Diana and Duchess Kate, who did covers. Very different circumstances, being invited to be photographed for a cover and, as editor, putting oneself forward. (She’d have been criticised either way.) 

I’m not a Vogue reader, obviously, but I got the local newsagent to order this issue for me. Skipping past the necessary ads which keep the magazine afloat, and failing to covet the startling clothes, I find articles, serious and entertaining at the same time, about ways in which women can be empowered and empowering. 

I also know that while Meghan, who has long been in the public eye, is interested in both fashion and style, she is passionate about ‘sustainable fashion’ and is supportive of businesses which take that initiative. 

I’m glad I bought this issue, which will give me lots of good reading yet.