Rosemary Nissen-Wade: Aussie poet and teacher of metaphysics – a personal view
My bestie nicknamed me SnakyPoet on her blog, and I liked it. (It began as
'the poet of the serpentine Northern Rivers' and became more and more abbreviated.)

Sunday, April 07, 2019

Apologies for Any Confusion

I'm getting rid of my Dreamwidth journal (the successor to LiveJournal) because (a) I hardly used it anyway, (b) very few people read it [perhaps some cause and effect here!] and (c) I didn't find it all that user-friendly. A bit sad to leave behind the few people whose journals I still read there, and/or at LiveJournal, from which some had not crossed over. (Many others, though, have opted out of LJ or DW altogether, no longer available to be read.)

I originally went to LJ, back in 2008, to read a friend's journal. Then I found others I liked, and also realised I could use it as a convenient place to write the stuff that I didn't want to share widely but did want to express and have heard. LJ and DW allow users to be pseudonymous, excellent for that purpose.

Now that I've decided to leave, I'm gradually transferring years of entries to either my strictly private personal journal on Blogger or to this one: SnakyPoet. (And a few to my witchy blog, Cronewyze.)

SnakyPoet was my handle on LJ/DW too, and also on twitter, and at one time in a lot of places all over the net. (I no longer have twitter or various others either, and have changed to my actual name for purposes such as leaving book reviews on Amazon).

Now I wonder if I really need my Snaky Poet blog. It doesn't seem to be read or commented on even as often as the one I'm deleting.

However, I know I do have followers. I am thinking it must be disconcerting if you are getting notifications of new posts. Many of them are not new at all, just crossing over from Dreamwidth, and will post at their original dates, but that might not be immediately obvious.

So anyway, just thought I'd explain what's happening.

And if you care to weigh in with why I shouldn't delete this SnakyPoet blog too, please do!

[Edit, 14/10/29: I am now snakypoet on Instagram, too.]

Thursday, April 04, 2019

What Do Poets Do In April?

For many of us around the world, April has become NaPoWriMo, National (really international) Poetry Writing Month, with the goal of writing a new poem every day.

There are daily prompts available at Poetic Asides, imaginary garden with real toads, a Dirty Thirty group on facebook, and NaPoWriMo itself. Or you can do it unprompted.

I like to play in the garden with the toads. Their prompts appeal to me more than some others (a purely subjective thing) and I like that they are a fairly small group, so the obligatory participation isn't a  chore – and in any case the poetry there is so much to my taste, it's a joy to read it all.

The poems I write are being posted on my poetry blog, Enheduanna's Daughter. You can see them all in sequence via the tag April Poetry Month 2019, with the latest appearing at the top; or you can subscribe to be blog by email (click the little block of horizontal lines to reveal the sidebar where this option is available, then scroll down) ... or you can just dip into the blog from time to time and see what you see.  Oh, and I am also linking to the poems on facebook ... if you happen to have access to my timeline there.

'Why do you need prompts?' my friend Rob Schackne once asked me, implying that there is more than enough in life and the world to inspire us anyway. But I like the fact that the prompts, by taking me in unexpected directions, can pull from my unconscious things that might not otherwise have emerged ... not in quite the same way, if at all.

Besides, it's fun!